How to Boot from USB drive?
Step 1: Create “recovery” folder in USB drive
Step 2: Copy KD_P9000FTA_HD.bin or KD_P9000E_HD.bin file to
the “recovery” folder of USB drive.
1. USB drive shall be FAT32 file format. Its doesn’t support NTFS format.
2. Only one related .bin file shall be in recovery folder.
3. Do not change the file name. If it is different, the boot from USB will not work.
Step 3: Attach the USB device to the STB via any available USB port.
Step 4: Turn power on while pressing OK key on front panel.
Step 5: Keep pressing OK key until showing “Lxxx” message on LED of front panel.
Step 6: Check TV screen that s/w is recovering(updating) by USB drive.
Step 7: The STB will restart automatically after finishing s/w recovery (update).